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Armagnac Choco Scented Candle 220g

Selling price €80,00

The Maison Amanda de Montal joins forces with the great chocolate maker Jean-Paul Hévin to create an exclusive and gourmet candle for Christmas: Choco Art Magnac. The notes of the finest chocolates vintages mingle with the fragrance of an Armagnac 2010, enhanced by a hint of licorice...
A captivating and sensual journey in their two artistic worlds. They invite you to live an experience. Close your eyes, let the scent take you on journey to the Armagnac and the chocolate cellars. Every detail has been meticulously chosen together from the black bubbled vessel which is reminiscent of chocolate balls and the chocolate-colored wax which mimics melted chocolate. We wish you a beautiful olfactory tasting !  

❤A warm and gourmet moment, like a fine Armagnac ganache, to share with loved ones at Christmas.

Weight 7.76 oz | Burn time : 55h 8cmx8cm

Armagnac Choco Scented Candle 220g
Armagnac Choco Scented Candle 220g Selling price €80,00