Are you looking for a continuous fragrance for your home without having to light a candle or use a spray, all without compromising on style, with a really beautiful decorative object? We recommend our collection of scented diffusers. Aesthetic and completely safe, they are stunning objects of art for a luxury scented home with no risk for young children.


The design of our fragranced diffusers echoes that of our luxury candles, with a squared shaped glass and a wooden cap made from Armagnac vats. Five liquids, one for each fragrance, are colored according to their ingredients. 5-8 sticks consistently and continuously diffuse the fragrances. The Amanda de Montal monogram is found on the side and the cubic shape evokes the school inkpots of the young Amanda when she was at boarding school in England. A nod to her childhood which inspired all the fragrances invented by Amanda de Montal and brought to life by the master perfumer Jean Michel Duriez.

The diffuser fragrances

Contrary to our scented candles, the diffusers come in five fragrances from three olfactory groups: fruity scents (Fructus Vasconia, Armagnac Sauvage); woody (Fortitudo Lignorum) or spicy (Armagnac Enchanté, Armagnac Ardente).

The containers of our fragranced diffusers

The fragranced diffusers by Amanda de Montal exist in two containers: one of 500 ml and one of 1000 ml for larger spaces or durations. A beautiful gift for those who love decorative objects and sublimely scented interiors.


Open the box and unscrew the glass cube’s cap. Attach the wooden cap. Place the sticks inside. Depending on the intensity of your chosen interior fragrance, add between 5-8 sticks. They will progressively absorb the perfumed liquid and diffuse it throughout the room for a subtly and constantly scented interior. It is recommend to turn the sticks once a week.