If you love the art of perfume, a beautiful bottle and diffusing an enjoyable scent around your home or office, you’ll adore our indoor fragrances.

The design of our indoor fragrances

Each of our indoor fragrances is designed in the same way, with a geometric style in slender rectangular perfume bottles. An exceptionally chic design on which you find the name of each scent in Latin on a white label and its number in Roman numerals. These strong symbols are important for Amanda de Montal. The colored wood cap is made from wooden Armagnac flasks.

The indoor fragrances scents

Our indoor fragrances are available in seven fruity, floral, gourmet, woody and spicy scents invented by Amanda de Montal and brought to life by the master perfumer Jean-Michel Duriez. The color of the different fragrances, either white, black or pink, varies depending on the chosen scents.


Just like a man or woman’s perfume, indoor fragrances are for perfuming a space, room or car, with a simple spritz of the selected fragrance. A chic method and beautiful object for decorating and personalizing a space, your home or office with an enjoyable scent.