A brand with sustainable development at its heart

Never throw out, reuse.

The small candles, once finished, can become pencil pots or stunning table-top jars. The large candles are refillable. Once finished and cleaned, one visit to the website is all that’s required to receive your refill delivery, which simply slides into the jar.

The art of making enjoyment last longer

For those who have fallen for a large 1100g scented candle, the enjoyment goes on and on. You can purchase an artisanal wax refill 100% made in France, to continue the pleasure that comes from having a decorative candle. All of our natural wax refills are made using artisanal methods by a French candle manufacturer in Aubagne (in Provence) for a scented wax candle of exceptional quality.

The right choice for refill fragrances

You have the choice of ten fragrances: Fructus Vasconia Voluptas, Verbena Rosa Tranquilium, Memoria Infantia, Fortitudo Lignorum, Sensuale Gingiberi, Flos Felicitas, Armagnac Ardente, Armagnac Enchanté, Armagnac Sauvage and Citrus Basilicum. Thanks to these natural wax refills, you can try out different fragrances for your scented candle. Whether you prefer woody, floral, fruity, gourmet or spicy notes, or whatever the season, you can enjoy our scented natural wax refills and make your luxury candle environmentally friendly and seasonally variable. Treat yourself!